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Riding the Digital Waves of an Evolving Market

Cassina, a renowned design brand, entered the Chinese market in 2015 and established a strong digital presence through WeChat and RED. The brand's communication efforts, both online and offline, contributed to its success and positioned Cassina as a leader in the design sector. However, the rapidly evolving digital landscape in China called for new initiatives to adapt and secure the brand's position. Cassina needed to leverage the latest trends and social tools to strengthen connections with existing customers and appeal to a new target audience.


A Complete Brand Uplift with Revitalised Content and Optimised Strategy

To address the challenge, the brand embarked on a comprehensive digital revamp, beginning with its social platforms—the first touch-points for the audience. The following steps were taken to revitalise Cassina's digital presence in China:

1. Re-access Content Strategy: Cassina re-evaluated its content strategy for each social platform to ensure localisation and surpass industry standards. The aim was to create content that resonated with the Chinese audience and showcased Cassina's high-quality offerings effectively.

2. Restructure Content Pillars: The brand refined its content pillars to align with the preferences and interests of the target audience. By highlighting specific aspects of design, craftsmanship, and lifestyle, Cassina aimed to engage users and communicate the brand's values effectively.

3. Refresh Layout and Look-and-Feel: Cassina updated the visual elements and aesthetic of its social media profiles to deliver a fresh and modern look. This included revamping welcoming messages, social post covers, and feed design to create a visually appealing and cohesive brand experience.

4. Refine Advertising Strategy: The brand reviewed its advertising strategy and reallocated the advertising budget to optimise performance. This involved identifying the most effective channels, refining targeting parameters, and creating compelling ad creatives to maximise reach and engagement.

5. WeChat Mini-Program Development: Cassina collaborated with experts to develop a WeChat mini-program, aiming to significantly enhance user experiences. This platform would facilitate engaging activities, including product galleries and contextualised product presentations within various life scenarios. The mini-program aimed to provide a seamless and interactive experience for users, further strengthening the brand-consumer connection.


From Digital Revamp to Market Triumph

The integrated marketing campaign for Cassina focused on establishing a seamless digital presence across WeChat and Xiaohongshu, complemented by a WeChat mini-program and an immersive offline event. Here are the key outcomes of the campaign:

1. Collaboration with Team Wang Design: Cassina partnered with Team Wang Design, a label led by famous artist Jackson Wang, to reimagine the new Utrecht Team Wang armchair. This collaboration embodied both Team Wang Design's philosophy and Cassina's manufacturing excellence, showcasing a cross-cultural approach. The armchair symbolized the traditional Chinese concept of "Yin and Yang," making it a unique and culturally significant product.

2. Offline Design Event in Shanghai: To solidify the brand's holistic experience, Cassina partnered with Team Wang to organise an offline design event in Shanghai. The event invited key opinion leaders (KOLs) to create buzz on social platforms and refresh the brand's position in the eyes of the target audience.

The digital revamp, including the WeChat mini-program and the immersive offline event, marked a successful phase in Cassina's brand uplift journey. By leveraging the latest trends and social tools, Cassina strengthened its connection with existing customers and attracted a new target audience, solidifying its position in the Chinese market.

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